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June 22, 2010, 3:14 pm
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Back from Sodankylä’s film festival in Lappland (I actually found some useful books and objects for this project from the numerous fleamarkets in the town)!  Juhannus is approaching, and life slows down in the cities and the whole country. The 1-month-jubilee of this blog today requires another new post, so I will just share something I might be using somehow later on :

I have been collecting some old proverbs and saying about bread from different cultures. Here are some examples from Finland that I liked, with a translation of sorts:

Kenen leipää syöt, sen lauluja laulat./ Sen laulua laulat jonka leipää syöt.

(Whose bread you eat, whose songs you’ll sing.)

Leipä vahvin suksen voide.

(Bread is the strongest wax for skis.)

Hapan leipä ja jauhokalja ei tuu koskaan vanhanaikaseks.

(Sour bread and beer will never be old-fashioned.)

Nyt on meillä ilo suur, kun on meillä leivän juur.

(Now our joy is great, since we have a root for bread.)

Happy Juhannus!


U. Rauramo: Ruis; Suomalaisten salainen ase; Atena Kustannus Oy, Keuruu 2004




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