archie under fire
August 29, 2010, 11:10 pm
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And it works!!! :D :D :D

Tonight, we had our first pizza baked in the cob oven! It was just incredible! The firing took around 3-4 hrs, with a first experiment at 175 degrees and a second firing after which the oven reached a temperature of about 250 degrees and just made one tasty crunchy but juicy pizza after the other! We had a wheat sourdough and topped it with ingredients everyone brought, with some veggies harvested from the dodo-garden which had really nice flavours. As tools we used a used oven peel that was donated to us by my dear neighbours (Big Mama, thanks so much!), with the help of a saw (you shouldn’t let the dough suck in the tomato sauce for too long, otherwise you have difficulties getting the pizza off the peel). The wood was found in the surroundings and brought by Anna from her parents place. Valtteri built a beautiful oven door, which makes Archie almost complete, since a bunch of people built an impressive roof for him on Saturday to protect him from the upcoming (winter?) season.

The pizza was enjoyed in a little pop-up park (grass mats left over from the Flow festival), under the shadow of a carrot tree (carrots grow on trees, right?). Everyone went home with a warm and full stomach, some sand between the teeth, and the aromatic smell of burnt wood in the clothes. What a night. More to come! :)

For more pictures, visit: http://picasaweb.google.com/105277324473045859094/FirstPizza#


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