Art education students visit Kalasatama
September 12, 2010, 5:47 pm
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On Friday, 10th of Sept., I visited from early in the morning until later in the afternoon an art education seminar held by my final work’s tutor lecturer Cathérine Kuebel and professor Pirkko Pohjakallio. The day started off with a lecture held by Cathérine about public space in cities and environmental art projects, followed by her presentation of the Public School Helsinki, where she herself is quite actively organizing interesting projects (Dinosaur drawing and Spectres of Helsinki). After a short coffee break, Inari from dodo came to present dodo’s organization. Also quite thrilling! After her presentation and some discussion time, everybody left to get on their way to Kalasatama, where I was going to present the 5-project and the oven workshop. Quickly, I started a fire to get Archie heated up in time, while the teachers and students would discuss a text about counter culture. It was nice to have to finally wrap up all the material that I had gathered during the past months with two workshops and one happening, and to present it to interested art education students and get some feedback. Thank you all for listening again, and especially for the nice notes about your dreams! :) (I distributed some questionnaires about people’s dreams, aspirations, visions, about life, art, and their work future, which was a pre-research of sorts for the next happening 2/5. And I received very nice answers…

Afterwards, we finished the long day all brainwashed with baking rieska in the oven, and everybody seemed to enjoy it very much. Me included!

Set up of the presentation

Some discussion about culture going on!

Well, it turned out to be too light with the doors open, so we just all squeezed into the container.

And got wild with poetry and rieska baking afterwards.


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