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October 26, 2010, 11:32 am
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I did it again. I baked. Bread. I just cannot help it. This one is a mix of maybe Finnish, Italian, and German bread. Rye-sourdough with walnuts and olives. Really good with pea soup, another very typical Finnish dish. Hmm, it seems like I am jumping from art theory to ‘bread theory’ today, doesn’t it? But, just a reminder: bread is the basic metaphore of this project, each event had its own special bread that actually connects to a theory; 1/5: Rieska, 2/5: Reikäleipä, 3/5:Piimälimppu, the rest will still be kept in secret. Plus, baking bread is just the most beautiful and relaxing thing to do after getting done with some work. By the way, it is time for true contemplation, since halftime has been crossed – two more out of five events to go!


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Hi Kath, have you tried to make sour dough breat with Kefir? You can see some on Youtube, just put in Kefir Bread…I will try to make some Sourdough Starter at some time. Love your Brotfladen…

Comment by monika

Hei Monica!
No, I haven’t, but it sounds really good! Have you ever tried to make Finnish ‘Piimäleipä’? – it is made with buttermilk, syrup and yeast. Delicious. I will put up recipes soon! :)

Comment by 1moebe

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