4/5 invitations

The invitations for the 4th event are ready and sent out to three people plus my tutor Cathérine. Antto and Salla will also pick three people of their choice for the event, so that we will have many new faces coming together. The 10 guests will first participate in making edible objects together with us in a mini-workshop and then, we will be joined by their avecs two hours later.

I am excited about our list of guests and the menu! It will be inspired by Finnish local handicraft, seasonal ingredients, popular objects, and traditional recipes, and be executed by the guests, Antto, Salla, and me.


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Sounds like a great idea once again! :)

Comment by Anna

Thanks! One more event to go after that, which is again open for everybody! :)

Comment by 1moebe

We will surely see there then :D

Comment by Anna

Katharina, you don’t know me, but I’ve been following your project with interest since the oven event (I’d just had a baby then and sadly couldn’t join in). I’m so happy (and lucky!) to have received an invitation this time around and am really looking forward to Monday! See you then!

Comment by Michele at A House Called Nut

hei michele, i am looking forward to getting to know you and am happy to have you as a guest! :)

Comment by 1moebe

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