A new year’s pledge
January 17, 2011, 2:59 pm
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Dear readers,

It has already been two weeks that the new year is on (happy new year!) and I have to admit: it has been quiet on this blog. Nevertheless, some things have been moving in the background- currently, I am trying to pull together the theory of this project, which has to be delivered by Mid-March (another reason for the unforgivable neglect of this blog). In May, the project will participate in MoA11, the Aalto University’s School of Design & Art Master of Arts-exhibition (what an expression!). At the moment, I am also looking for nice internships, projects and jobs for the time after March (in case you know something, don’t hesitate to let me know! :) )

I would like to seize the opportunity and thank everyone again who helped and supported me in some way during this project. New ones will come up soon, for example a proposal for the Helsinki World Design Capital year 2012!? The programme and theme look very promising, particularly in regard to new ideas about design…  :) I will post new information after a first meeting this week with lots of possibilities for participation!

Anyway, only because the project is sort of over, I don’t want this blog to dwindle away. A new year’s pledge to you and myself: I will continue posting news and any related topics or inspiring projects. Like Bruno Munari for example (see above), Seeking comfort in an uncomfortable armchair (that’s how I feel at the moment!) Stay tuned!


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i really love this serial from bruno munari! and actually, i’m trying to do the same since my whole life (trying to find comfort in any chair). somehow i feel that we are (or at least i am) not made for sitting on a chair. and as far as i know, munari never ended up designing a chair (except his rather artistic “singer chair” for short visits) – is this a statement??!

Eine Umarmung nach Helsinki!

Keep up the good work!

Comment by tabeaglahs

haha… yes, i think people should rather sit on the floor(at least that’s what i always do after giving up to find the comfort on any chair)- japanese know it better!
umarmung nach oslo and you too, mrs. pong! :)

Comment by 1moebe

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