MoA Website is online!
March 29, 2011, 7:54 am
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Finally, the official MoA 2011 website is online! :) Exciting… The exhibition is divided in five (!) categories, human, user & design, research, environment, and art. The exhibition stands under the theme ‘Redesigning Human’, the official statement reads:

One of the main differentiations between humans and other animals is the ability to make tools. First, we made tools to ensure our survival: we needed clothes, shelter, food and medicine in order to survive in the harsh environment of the Earth. When the basic needs were met, we began to make something much more complicated. This moment could be called birth of design: and the birth of things we design: artifacts. Humans have a strong belief that the more we design, the more we are in control of our lives. We now have the world at our fingertips on any given moment. We engineer our food, our skin color and even our children. Itʼs the age of a redesigned human. Not by god or nature but by us, humans.

The visuality of MoA 2011 will challenge the viewer if the statement above is really so. As more and more we design, weʼre more and more separate from our original creator (nature) and begin to live in our environments (artifact) by ourselves. As we design these artifacts around us, yet our behaviors have to slowly adjust and comply to these artifacts. This process is continuously ongoing, so is it that the more we design, the less control we have ourselves? These are some of the issues the graduating master students of Aalto have been tackling in their work. Creating applications of design and art that make our lives better in a natural and humanistic way.’

Sounds and looks promising. It is encouraging to see what other people have been doing and thinking and that many project go in similar directions.

As mentioned earlier, the now confirmed site of the exhibition is Salmisaari, Porkkalankatu 13 G in the old Skanno building and it will be open from 12. – 29.5.2011. More info on the program will be published in Mid-April according to the website. Welcome to the exhibition!


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