“5” is a series of food events and workshops taking place during Summer 2010 in Helsinki, each one symbolizing one step of the production process. Basic food is bread, the rest a metaphore. The five steps consist of 1) fertilizing, 2) growing, 3) preparing, 4) consuming, and 5) salvaging. The basic idea is to inspire thought about culture, identity, and the objects we consume, with a shared experience of eating. Food as an ephemeral product, consumed by our very own bodies, represents an everyday experience that connects people and memories. We are what we eat – but then: who are we? Can food experiences inspire a repositioning of ourselves?

One of the workshops involved the building of a cob oven in late summer. The planning was done together with a group of people gathered through several platforms on the internet at the Hub Helsinki, followed by the building weekend at the Kalasatama container square during the first week of August. The oven was involved in the first event of the series in the beginning of September, and is now open to public use (reservations can be made via stadinuuni.blogspot.com).

The project is an experimental inquiry for my MA thesis at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki. I aim to explore emerging roles for design and how it can create positive impacts on the world and society at large through inclusive experiences and co-design methods.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions, or to contact me via e-mail in case you would like to participate, help, or ask something about this project!

Contact details: Katharina// katharina.moebus@gmail.com


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