Rieska recipes, old and new
September 8, 2010, 6:41 am
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For the 1/5 event on Sunday, I asked people to bring their own rieska recipes, self-invented, inherited, stolen, found. Some came into being during the process of experimenting with the ingredients. In return, people received a water bottle as a memory of the event. For inspiration and to show the wide variety of possibilities of how to bake rieska in different ways (to each maakunta/region its own), I hung up traditional recipes taken from the book “Suomen maakunta leivät” by Jaakko Kolmonen. Here comes the recipes, old ones and new ones! …

The recipe wall

Daniel’s grandma’s peruna-rieska recipe

Hessu found this on the internet

‘Gluten-free’ oat-rieska

Just a preview of a page from the book (don’t wanna get into copyright troubles), but here the link to the authors webpage! http://jaakkokolmonen.com/tuotteet.html?id=6/

Have fun baking and eating!