2/5:GROW on picasa AND facebook!!!
October 8, 2010, 10:37 am
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Finally, I got those pictures uploaded. With all the different platforms where I am putting pictures I sometimes just miss one. Thanks to that person who reminded me. Enjoy on picasa (become my favourite and you will always be informed automatically- some more annoying spam), and on Facebook (become a fan of the 5-project, same thing, only more spam on Facebook!). :P


‘Stitch your dreams’-night on Picasa
September 25, 2010, 7:43 am
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Finally, I managed to upload some of the many pictures taken during the stitching night. Enjoy!

stitched dreams
September 20, 2010, 8:33 pm
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Just got home from an amazing night of stitching, dreaming, chatting, having (anti stress) tea and cookies. The ‘Stitch your dreams’ event took place tonight at Taik. I had invited students from my school to come by and stitch their dreams on a tablecloth, and it was a big success.

After the first people had arrived, Sari from the Anarchistic Marttas started to show us some basic stitching methods. Soon, more of my fellow students came by, from all sorts of different departments – Graphic Design, Researchers in Fine Art and Product Design, Environmental Art, Furniture Design, Textile Design, and Industrial Design and various countries: Austria, France, Canada, Finland, USA, Japan, Thailand, Korea, China, and England (wow, I had not realized that almost everybody came from a different country!).

The tablecloth turned out beautiful with lots of different words, drawings, sentences, stories, and dreams, all stitched in different individual styles. It will be part of the 2/5:GROW installation, which I will install tomorrow during the day. People can still finish their stitchings during the day tomorrow. In the afternoon (around 4 pm, gotta leave to a class after), I will sow cress seeds on the tabletop, which will grow during the week until they will be harvested in a final dinner next week. But the hanging parts of the table cloth can be stitched on during the whole installation. So, welcome!

Thanks to Sari for her kind instructions, Linda for her big help today, Osse and Are for the technical support, 5th floor for the hot water, Martin for borrowing the table top, Cathérine for everything, and to everyone who came for participating! A picture gallery can soon be found on Picasa, stay tuned for the update! :)

stitch your dreams!
September 14, 2010, 2:01 pm
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The preparation phase for the second event is on!

Today, I put up some posters at my university Taik of the Aalto University, to invite students from all departments to stitch their dreams in a huge tablecloth, that will be installed in the exhibition space next to the elevators by the main entrance of the Aalto University School of Art and Design. I do not want to reveal too much yet, but something will be growing there, on the fertile soil of dreams!!!

The installation night will take place 20th of Sept., starting from 4 pm in the afternoon, and Sari from the Anarchistic Marttas will teach most basic stitching methods, so no preliminary skills are necessary. The event is mainly intended for Taik students, but everybody interested is welcome to join and talk about their dreams!

Free tea and cookies will be served to keep up the good spirit and brain activity.

The installation itself forms the second event of the 5-series, 2/5:GROW, and will be open to public from 21.-24.09.2010, during public opening hours (mon – thu 7.30am – 7pm, fri 7.30am – 6pm), but always viewable from the outside through the window. It will end with a special event involving harvesting and professors on Monday night, 27th of Sept. More information soon!