5.5 Designers (French design studio doing great conceptual designs)

Doors of Perception (John Thackara’s blog about design for resilience)

Attainable Utopias (everything you need to know about the emerging discipline Metadesign)

Dott 07 (“A year of projects and events that explored what life in a sustainable region could be like – and how design could help us get there.”)

Slow Design (An alternative design approach in a fast-paced world)

Slow Lab (Collection of “slow” thoughts, thinkers, and projects)

Whole Earth Catalogue (DIY-heroes, a kind of early ‘blogging’ before the Internet)

Simple Living (A blog exploring ideas and possibilities of design with the goal of a simple life)

PingPong (A 360 days blog-dialogue between two friends exchanging and collecting ideas about life, design and art)


Marije Vogelzang (The pioneer of eating design)

Food Designing (Ex-designer Marti Guixé’s website dedicated to his very own approach to food design)

Edible Finns (The hilarious eating performances by a Finnish artist trio)

Futurefarmers (Design, environment and art collective)

Ghetto Gourmet (Concepts of alternative eating out)

One Pot (One pot feeds many hungry for art and food)

Lucy Orta (social art activist working with food and fashion)


Avikainen Leipomo (Helsinki’s only small traditional family bakery in the heart of Kallio – Finnish bread specialities with heart!)

Crustum Bäckerei (Helsinki’s Germany bakery with fresh and delicious German bread types, highly recommended!)

Goddess of Cake (food activist’s Salla Kuuluvainen’s lovely blog about local and vegan food)

Stadin Uuni (Meet Archie, the urban cob oven, built in a workshop connected to this project! Open for everyone to make a reservation and start baking on wood-fired hot stone!)

Windowfarms (Growing food vertically in urban windows.)

Jaakko Kolmonen (Author of great traditional Finnish cookbooks)


dodo ry (A Finnish environmental organization that tackles all sorts of problems concerning the environment and urban life)

HUB Helsinki (“The Hub is a global community of people from every profession, background and culture working at new frontiers to tackle the world’s most pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges.”

Kuin oma (Online platform for sharing and lending things)

Public School Helsinki (Free and open school for everyone)

Stadin Aikapankki (Helsinki’s service exchange platform)

Demos (Finnish think tank working towards happiness)


Design & Art

Alasdair Fuad-Luke// Design activism- beautiful strangeness for a sustainable world; Earthscan London 2009

Viktor Papanek// Design for the real world

Ed Annink and Ineke Schwartz (ed.)// Bright minds, beautiful ideas; BIS publishers Amsterdam 2003

Nicolas Bourriaud// Relational Aesthetics; Les presses du réel, 2002

Guy Debord and The Situationists International//Texts and Documents edited by Tom McDonough; MIT Press Cambridge 2002

John Thackara// In the bubble – Designing in a complex world; MIT Press Cambridge 2006

Claire Bishop (ed.)//Documents of Contemporary Art: PARTICIPATION; Whitechapel Gallery & MIT Press Cambridge 2006

David B. Berman// do good design; New Riders & AIGA Design Press Berkeley 2009

Norman Potter// What is a designer: education and practice; Studio Vista Limited London 1969

Food & Culture

Marije Vogelzang// Eat Love

Chris Sanderson// CrEATe – Eating design and future food; Gestalten Verlag Berlin 2008

Marti Guixé// Food Designing; Corraini Edizioni, Verona 2010

Massimo Montanari// The culture of food; Blackwell publishers Cambridge 1996

Ulla Rauramo// RUIS -suomalaisten salainen ase; Atena Kustannus Oy Jyväskylä 2006

Jaakko Kolmonen// Suomen maakuntaleivät;

… more more more to come! :)


Gary Hustvit: Objectified; documentary on the meaning of everyday objects, UK 2009

Angès Verda: Les glaneurs et la glaneuse; documentary on foraging, France 2000

Nikolaus Geyrhalter: Our daily bread; documentary on food production, Austria 2005

Evy Barry, Tina Gortmans: Road kill chef; TV documentary about Fergus, the alternative chef, UK 2007

Thurn, Valentin: Taste the Waste; documentary about worldwide food destruction, Germany 2010



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